Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation
Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation
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"To support conservation of natural resources through public education and to provide funding for preservation of land for habitat and public enjoyment."

What is PCF?

Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation (PCF) is a non-profit corporation formed in 1993 to provide financial support for habitat preservation projects and environmental education programs administered by the Pottawattamie County Conservation Board.

Led by a volunteer based board of directors, the long range goals of PCF are to acquire land for habitat preservation and public use, support environmental education activities in Pottawattamie County and utilize partnerships to attain its goals.

Board Members

Kelli O'Brien, President

Lori Shields, Vice President

Kathy Fiscus

Michael G. Geier

Ben Johnson

Judd Knispel

Pete Petersen

Matt Saar

Christy Sauser

Adam Thien

Warren Weber 

Julia Woods 

Advisory Council

Jim Campbell

Melissa Crawford

John Dalton

Scott Doll

Rick Gibson

Gary Matters

Cal Parrott

Scott Peters

Doug Struyk

Kelly Summy

David Thien

Gary Woods

PCF Endowment Fund Donor Recognition

Tier 1 ($100,001 & Up)

Gilbert M. & Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation

Iowa West Foundation

Clifford & Donna Owen Rahel

Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP)

Cal & Frankie Parrott

Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation

Tier 2 ($50,000 - $100,000)

Peter Kiewitt Foundation

Environmental Protection Agency

Pheasants Forever

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Loess Hills Alliance

Community Attraction & Tourism (IDED)

Tier 3 ($5,000 - $49,999)

H.H. "Red" & Ruth Nelson Foundation

John & Anne Nelson

Norcross Wildlife Foundation

Brenda & Brian Mainwaring

Mike Luthor

Solid Waster Alternatives Program

West Pottawattamie County SWCD

Council Bluffs Service League

Ralph Wright

Pete & Deb Petersen 

Jorge Alvarez

Pottawattamie Bowhunters

Union Pacific Corporation

Audubon Society

Gallasso Foundation

Tamera Doll

Scott Doll

Jeff Green


Kathy Fiscus

Gary H. Matters

John C. Parrott

Brian D. Petersen

Gary Woods