Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation
Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation

The Endowment Fund

The mission of PCF is to support conservation of natural resources through public education and to provide funding for preservation of land for habitat and public enjoyment.  An endowment is required to supplement existing resources to ensure continuation of appropriate management and adequate maintenance of natural areas, facilities, and environmental education programs.

The PCF Endowment Fund shall be maintained in perpetuity to provide financial resources to enhance and maintain recreation, education and ecological restoration and natural areas management.

The PCF Endowment Fund supports the following three focus points of conservation.     

Ecological Restoration/Natural Areas Management

Central to the mission, conservation is preservation of the natural integrity of the area. The biological communities have been seriously compromised by fire suppression and the lack of appropriate grazing in the last 150 years. Restoration efforts currently focus on replacing the natural fire regime, removing invasive woody vegetation, replanting native grassland systems, controlling exotic weeds and erosion. Future efforts will include re-introduction of bison and elk. To augment the long term fiscal commitment necessary for supporting ecological restoration, the Conservation Board has identified a need for a $1 million endowment.

Environmental Education

We are committed to encouraging frequent positive experiences in nature, so that people may engage with the natural world. When people are acquainted with natural communities and connected to their environment, they appreciate it and will work to protect it. Our interpretive program promotes environmental literacy by building relationships between people and the natural world, and currently focuses on nature-based field trip and in-school experiences, public programs, and summer nature camps.


The primary reason people venture into a natural setting is because it is fun: a quiet saunter down the prairie trail, a trek up the bluff, a doze in the shade of an oak tree, a chance to spy on wild animals. Some like the physical exercise, while others claim a natural stroll provides a mental release. When people enter nature, tension relaxes and a general sense of well being is restored. We have an inborn craving for wildness.

For some, outdoor recreation must be structured or organized. For others, it is simply necessary to get away. Pottawattamie County parks provide both while minimizing the impacts of humanity and allowing nature to thrive. Our mission is to offer recreation opportunities that develop awareness, understanding, and commitment to our natural world.

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The Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, 

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